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Trades & Industry Accounting

Construction Industry Accounting

We serve a wide variety of clients in the construction industry, including general, specialty and sub-contractors.  Our clients for construction industry accounting services include:

  • Residential Construction.
  • Commercial Construction.
  • Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC and Masonry.
  • Finish and High-End Carpentry.

Along with traditional accounting and tax services, we assist our clients with development and implementation of job costing systems, cash flow planning and analytical services.  Our experience allows us to provide practical advice on the unique issues and challenges faced by the construction industry.

Hi-tech Manufacturing Industry Accounting

The Capital Region is moving swiftly into the future with a massive investment in technology and research.  Since the 1990s, we have been providing tax and consulting services to many technology ventures including those sponsored by the Rensselaer Incubator Program.  The tech industry playing field has evolved continuously with competition from overseas, increased government regulation and a struggling economy.  Our history in this area of technology industry accounting enables us to support these entrepreneurs not only in the critical early stages but also in handling the increased challenges as they grow.